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Speciality Products

The past three decades saw great developments in the intensive crop production industry. The increasing demand for good quality deciduous fruits and vegetables and more effective broad acre production has put greater emphasis on the quality of water soluble fertilizers, specialized liquid fertilizers and foliar products in the market place.

The combination of higher yields, limited irrigation water supply, improved crop quality and crop shelf life has challenged the industry to a large extent. 

Omnia has subsequently developed a large range of customized products in order to overcome these challenges.

Over the past 30 years Omnia developed market leading speciality products using scientific trials and agricultural know-how on a large variety of crops including potatoes, tomatoes, citrus, grapevines, pome fruit, stone fruit, hydroponic crops, maize, wheat, etc.

The Speciality range of products consists of high quality water soluble fertilizers, liquid fertilizers and foliar products. These products cleverly combine all the plant essential macro and micronutrients in specific combinations and ratios in order to address specific nutritional needs effectively. In addition, we’ve also developed various soil improvers and products complementing micro-bacterial soil fauna and flora.

These products, in combination with the highly qualified Omnia agronomist, will not only optimise yield and crop quality, but also ensure sustainable agriculture over the long term.