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Quality products benefit wheat yield

By Terry Jones (Technical Sales Representative) and Marcel Heine (Agronomist: East Coast Business Unit)

Winterton irrigation farmer Leon Wortmann of Lew Farming CC obtained good wheat yields this past season by following the advice from the Omnia team. Terry and Marcel recommended the split-application of nitrogen (N) and sprays of OMNIBOOST™. On the 80 hectares of wheat under centre pivot irrigation, an average yield of 7.4 tonnes was achieved, in spite of frost damage to some areas of the crop during grain development. The best part of one pivot averaged 9.4 tonnes, while shallower soils on the same pivot yielded 8.1 t/ha. An average of 6.4 t/ha was harvested on the pivot that was damaged by frost. All the grain had a B1 grading with an average protein content of 13.4%.

A total of 180 kg/ha N was applied to the crop: 18 kg at planting, followed by 162 kg given in two top-dressings. The top-dressings were divided into a 60/40 ratio, giving 97 kg/ha N at tillering and 65 kg/ha at flag leaf stage.

OMNIBOOST™ was applied at 3 kg/ha just after tillering, with a further 1 kg/ha at flag leaf. A control area on one pivot received no OMNIBOOST™. In this area there was an average of 43 grains per ear, compared to 68 on the surrounding wheat. OMNIBOOST™ is known to increase crop yields, especially after frost damage.

Leon was very pleased with the results achieved and thanked the Omnia personnel for their advice and dedication this past season.