Barley [photo] 

Understanding the underlying mechanisms involved during drought stress, gives insight into possible strategies to alleviate drought stress and to improve plant water use efficiency (WUE), nutrient use efficiency (NUE) and optimal plant productivity.

There has been increasing use of poor quality irrigation water in the past decades due to the scarcity of fresh water resources. Highly saline water from various sources such as industrial and domestic waste waters and sewage effluents are more commonly re-used and recycled for irrigation purposes. 

Omnia's Chemtech laboratory has yet again upped its quality accreditation where it is now easily the leading laboratory of its kind in Southern Africa. We are all justifiably proud of the top class standard that our laboratory has been able to achieve. This accreditation should give our customers considerable comfort that we have the ability to check on our suppliers and ensure that we obtain the raw material quality that we have purchased.

Plants react not only to the amount of fertilizer applied, but also to the type of fertilizer, time of application as well as how the fertilizer is applied. In this article we will look at how plants take up nutrients and also the effect of this uptake on the eventual crop yield.

Excellent results were obtained this past season with the monitoring of wheat by means of leaf analyses throughout the growth season.